Continent Tobacco

    • Continent Superslims
      • Continent Superslims

      • Price per carton $14.46   $11.57
      • Number of cartons: 1 carton;
      • Number of packs: 10 packs;
      • Number of cigarettes: 200 cigarettes;

Continent cigarettes

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Continent Superslims cigarette brand is a popular and affordable tobacco product produced by the Innovation Tobacco Company, a well-known and one of the leading tobacco manufacturers from Britain. This brand has an impeccable reputation among smokers all over the world and is continuing to increase its position on account of superior quality and flawless taste.

The most famous cigarette brands produced by Innovation Tobacco are Kiss, Beverly and Marshal.

Continent cigarettes are manufactured according to the first class production standards.  The top quality American tobacco blend will provide cigarette lovers with a rich flavor and fresh taste with each puff. In other words the amazing characteristics of Continent Superslims cigarettes will definitely satisfy every smoker who will give a try to this brand. This smoking product is appropriate for both beginners and experienced smokers due to the low amount of nicotine and tar. Ladies will for sure appreciate Continent cigarettes for their slimness and delicacy.

Continent cigarettes are also characterized by the use of an innovative dual-layer filter possessing coal and ventilated acetate that minimizes the level of addictive chemicals in the cigarette. As a result, not only the harmful particles are reduced, but moreover the tobacco taste is strengthened. As far as the price of Continent Superslims cigarettes you will be very surprised. Just visit our online cigarette store and place an order to allow yourself fascinating sensations from the process of smoking.

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