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      • Price per carton $13.53   $10.82
      • Number of cartons: 1 carton;
      • Number of packs: 10 packs;
      • Number of cigarettes: 200 cigarettes;

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes are combination of original discount cigarettes taste and best tobacco. The name of this smoking cigs can be translated as "universe, world". These are feelings that create smoking of Cosmos tobacco.

If you didn't feel the real delight what can bring a genuine cigarettes, then you didn't taste Cosmos cigs.

This tobacco is an original creation of Tutun CTC Cigarette Company - title-holder of premiums for fine qualitative products. It was internationally tested, qualified and entitled as one of the best. Tutun CTC is the best from East part of Europe. Because of its qualitative smoking products, as are Cosmos cigarettes, this tobacco company grows and developed on tobacco markets far from the domestic borders.

Cigarette products of Tutun CTC are manufactured from Oriental, English and American best sorts of tobacco. This is key to success of its cigarettes among a large amount of smokers, who choice quality at reasonable price.

Cosmos cigarettes are presented on tobacco market in king size length, 84mm, cartoon pack and 20 cig piece in each pack. This premium tobacco had a longer filter than that ordinary. This caused smoke of Cosmos cigarette to had a more filtered and exuded taste. Color of pack is of astral blue with a long bright comet.

Name "Cosmos" for cigarette creates allusion that this smoking brand is star in tobacco industry. It was born under lucky star, because East European cigarette smokers who prefer Cosmos Cigarettes had registered large numbers.

Lightening up this cig conveys impression of pleasant illusory contradiction of reality and desired. It's an impermissible gratification.

Cosmos cigarettes grant every smoker with a guarantee of never tasted smoking experience.

Cheap cigarettes refers only to the price and not the quality, Enjoy Carton Cigarettes Online.