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      • Price per carton $20.38   $16.30
      • Number of cartons: 1 carton;
      • Number of packs: 10 packs;
      • Number of cigarettes: 200 cigarettes;

Fluieraş cigarettes

Fluieras cigarette brand is another smoking product of Tutun CTC - the biggest tobacco company from Easter Europe. Owning to its high-class cigarettes, Tutun CTC is winner of international tobacco forums and exhibition organized in sphere of quality. For example, "International Gold Star for Quality (Madrid 1998), 12th International Europe Award for quality (Paris 1998)". This list can be continued with other awards that recognized the quality of smoking cigarettes produced by this tobacco company.

The main ingredient of Tutun CTC is its fine tobacco. During the process of manufacture, which is effectuated by modern machineries, tobacco undergoes a special technology of preparation. This makes cigarettes of Tutun CTC unique in its taste and quality.

Fluieras cig brand is prepared from a mixture of Burley, Virginia and Oriental tobacco, in addition with special selected sauces and aromatic agents. Its taste is rich and aromatic. It's exclusive.

On pack of Fluieras cigarette can be seen trade ensign of company: two lonely shepherds that stay under a tree and sing on fife. It creates an impression of consonance and reconcilement. So, it can be assumed that this smoking product becomes from list of exceptional brands of Tutun CTC.

Fluieras Cigarettes are produced in king size length, that's equal with 84mm, that make its taste more remembered and interesting.

Best Cigarettes become the company main representative. With this tobacco brand Tutun Company participate on various forums. For example, in 2002, this smoking product participated on Tabacex Exebition" that occurred in Moscow. At this international cigarette exhibition participated about 120 brands. Fluieras tobacco get bronze medal. Taking in account large number of participations, it is an important prize that this cigarette own due its fine quality.

The premium quality of Fluieras cigarettes was appreciated by large amount of cig smokers. This opinion was also sustained by international experts.

So, try the taste of experienced tobacco value and express real reconciliation.

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