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      • Price per carton $12.76   $10.21
      • Number of cartons: 1 carton;
      • Number of packs: 10 packs;
      • Number of cigarettes: 200 cigarettes;

Luceafăr cigarettes

Luceafar cigarette brand initially hit the stores’ shelves more than two decades ago, in 1980 being introduced by TUTUN-CTC, Moldovan cigarette maker, well-known in Eastern Europe for such great tobacco products as strong>Doina, Temp and Cosmos. These low-cost cigarettes rapidly became famous in the local maker, but it didn’t prevent the owner of the brand from making considerable modifications in the tobacco blend and pack design of Luceafar brand.

The new design of the Luceafar cigarettes’ packs was invented by prominent company P. Lehman Consulting Group from Lausanne, which as well developed an effective marketing strategy for Luceafar brand, highlighting the association between the name of the brand which may be translated from Romanian as the “Morning Star” and an old fable, which tells that the Morning Star arouses true love in people’s souls, like Luceafar cigarettes provide thrilling unforgettable feeling of pleasure and happiness during the process of smoking.

However, the most significant changes were applied to the tobacco blend of Luceafar cigarette brand. The manufacturer’s experts mixed more than 25 sorts of finest tobacco, grown in Turkey, and South America, as well as locally-grown aromatic tobaccos. This modification led to a considerable enhancement in the flavor of these cigarettes that became more invigorating and rich. The quality of Luceafar cigs also became much better.

The aroma of these great quality cigarettes was also improved to a much more intense one due to the usage of honey flavoring that magnificently harmonizes with spicy flavor of oriental tobacco and offers mild aftertaste.

The superior quality of Luceafar cigarettes was confirmed by numerous quality awards and certificates provided by European Union to the maker of this brand, TUTUN-CTC in recent years.

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