MT Tobacco

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      • Price per carton $12.93   $10.34
      • Number of cartons: 1 carton;
      • Number of packs: 10 packs;
      • Number of cigarettes: 200 cigarettes;

MT cigarettes

This tobacco brand own a short name but immense qualification. Due to its qualitative features MT cigarettes can be decoded as "mod tab". Excellence of MT smoking tobacco was attest by time and preferences.

Now, MT cigsarette are one of most renowned brand of "Tutun CTC" Tobacco Company.

This trendy brand registered big demand among eastern cigarettes smokers. MT cigarette product gained its stable adepts due to specific taste that is only one of its kind.

Characteristics that can be attributed to MT smoking cigarettes are: clear, superior, finer, original.

MT brand was created with such attributives by tobacco company Tutun CTC. This company is famous for superior tobacco that, at definite time, was importer from abroad.

Now, due to perfect climate Tutun CTC grows tobacco on home plantation and this made easier the process of controlling its quality.

Namely, quality of its smoking cigarettes made Tutun CTC recognizable trademark on Easter tobacco markets.

MT cigarettes are manufactured from better-quality sorts of American and Oriental tobacco what are prepared according to private company recipes.

Along to filtered tobacco there are also added peculiar additives in order to make taste of MT Cigarettes so unique and special.

This smoking tobacco can be found in hard pack of white with red colors and blue stripes that goes perpendicularly. The size of MT cigarettes is royal, 84 mm. This special blended brand is supplied with filter that was designed to reduce amount of dangerous agents during process of smoking.

It is important to mention that composition of cigarettes produced by Tutun CTC were tested by labs of the Minnesota University and was claimed as tobacco products with low content of cancer agents.

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