1. How can I make an order?

On the Home page you will find all kinds of cigarettes brands. Just select a brand and click on it. This enables you to get to the selected brand page. By clicking on the chosen brand, you will be automatically added to your shopping cart. If you want to purchase more than one brand or style just select another brand from the "Choose Brand" column and repeat the process. Than click on "Go To Secure Checkout". Here you must enter the required information. If you are ready click on "Click to purchase", as a result your credit card information will be checked and after 24 hours you will receive an order confirmation at your e-mail address.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or wite transfers.

3. Do you have auto delivery option?

Unfortunately, no.

4. Can I make an order by the telephone?

Unfortunately, no.

5. Can I make an order by fax?

It is not possible at the moment

6. How many cartons can I order?

We don't have a limit number of ordering. The quantity of cigarettes that can be bought at www.best-tobacco.biz is left to the discretion of customers who must be conscious of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur.

7. How I will know that you have received my order?

24 hours after ordering on our e Shop you will receive an email confirmation to let you now that your order has been received and is being processed.

8. I didn't receive a confirmation email. Could you let me know the above order went through OK?

You haven't received email confirmation or electronic commerce transaction receipt, because recent changes have been made by some Internet Service Providers to their 'auto e-mail blocking' systems which is causing potential communication problems. We have discovered that these changes are preventing a number of our members from receiving valuable and important information relating to order status notifications and refill requirements. It is imperative that you allow us to continue to communicate with you by email and, essentially, this can be achieved by ensuring that your system is programmed to accept emails from Us.

9. Is the quality of your products high?

The cigarettes sold at www.best-tobacco.biz are of the highest quality available on the market.

10. Where are your cigarettes produced and shipped from?

All cigarettes are produced and shipped from Europe.

11. Do you sell other cigarettes except those advertised in your e Shop?

No, at present we sell only the brands that are advertised on the Home Page. But we enlarge the assortment of the cigarettes regularly.

12. How fresh my cigarettes are?

Because of the huge amount of cigarettes sold, we receive new cigarettes daily. You can have our guarantee that all the available cigarettes are fresh.

13. In which country do you deliver cigarettes?

We deliver cigarettes all over the USA and Europe except the following European countries:Italy, France, Austria, Finland, The UK, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden.

14. How long does it take to deliver cigarettes?

The general delivery takes approximately 15 – 30 business days.

15. If I make an order today will it be delivered at the same day?

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be shipped within the following business day.

16. Is it legal to resell cigarettes ordered from


It is not legal. It is against the law in any country all over the world.

17. Do you guarantee that no duty will be paid worldwide?

We cannot guarantee that no taxes will be paid. It depends on the countries law. Some countries may occasionally apply the international postal regulations and standards.

18. Will I get my money back or order replacement if the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged?

We guarantee 100% money back in caseof non-receipt. If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

19. Are the personal customer details used for any kind of activities?

We don't use your information or sell to others. We are totally confidential. The information provided to us is used for successful order delivery.

20. What is minimum and maximum purchase sum?

The maximum quantity for a first-time order is 10 cartons.

21.If my order is too large, how will I receive it? Will it be devised into two or more packages?

The cartons are shipped in packages(one parcel contains 1- 3 cartons). In case your order is larger, it'll reshipped in two or more parcels, the parcels are shipped within a day. But the interval between the packages delivery can be up to a week.